E-Learing Solution Deployment

Developing and implementing robust elearning environment to drive quality education and training across various verticals.

The usefulness of a program or a course is in its relevance and accessibility to learners. 3iumph helps creative-thinking educators and eLearning content developers to be on top of their games at all times by applying the latest eLearning technologies to invigorate the educational process while staying in line with the institution’s policies and requirements.

  • Custom Learning Management Systems (LMS) and virtual learning platforms (VLP)
  • Integration of powerful course and student management system for enrolment, scheduling, course building, file and media sharing, in-class collaboration, accountability, and more
  • Implementation, Customization and enhancement of an existing LMS.
  • An integrable part of any eLearning course is video, it is a great tool for imparting complex ideas concisely. At 3iumph our video technology experts will advise you on the best video implementation strategy and also help design and build a robust state-of-the-art infrastructure for your online video library.

  • Meaningful collaboration among learners and tutors every step of the way via video conferencing, interactive presentation, screen and whiteboard sharing or file and data exchange is one of the most important key features of a well implemented eLearning solution. We take care of integrating it for you.

  • The ability of learners to learn on the go is absolutely crucial for making your solution stand out and popular. Accessibilty of learning contents on various smart devices gives learner the freedom to learn anywhere at any time. Our mobile developers are always available to optimize a learner’s journey through your LMS for any platform or device.


Thinking of virtual learning ?

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